Designed by H.Miura with h concept

Arietta is a simple, yet stylish umbrella stand that features a minimalist design.
Its graceful silhouette will add a refreshing taste to the entrance of your home.

Product specification

Body size: Diameter of approx. 22X115.2cm

Body weight: Approx. 2.4kg


Tip head: Natural wood

Ling・Standpipe・Base of stand: alminum

Rubber feet: FRB

Product code: UB-275-800-0

JANcode: 4904771 770000

Package size Approx. W22.6XD22.6XH118.8cm

Weight:(Including package)Approx. 3.5kg

\35,000(Tax excluded) Quantity per carton: 2 pieces

Base of arietta
  1. The slightly slanted base allows water from the umbrellas to trickle into the thin gutter.
  2. Remove the bottom tray to dispose of the collected water.
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