Designed by A.Sunaguchi with h concept

*Hold is a useful holder for dish sponge and other kitchen items neatly.
You can also use it in various ways such as holding bottles upside down for an extended period time and hanging or holding various small things. You can attach it tightly to your sink and other smooth sufaces with an adhesive tape.

Product specification

Body size: Approx. W3.8XD1.5XH7cm

Body weight: Approx. 13g


Body: styrene resin Both side seal: acrylic foam, Heatproof temperature : 70 degrees

Withstand load : 500g

Pckage size: Approx. W10XD1.6XH13cm
Weight: (Including package)Approx. 17g

\400(Tax excluded) Quantity per carton: 100pieces

Hold clear

Product code: OT-667-101-0
JAN code: 4904771 108759

Hold green

Product code: OT-667-101-1
JAN code: 4904771 108766

Hold yellow

Product code: OT-667-101-8
JAN code: 4904771 108773

How to use Clip

1.Peel off the protective film.

2.Stic where you want it used.

Use image

It can hold your dish sponge neatly.

For holding bottle or milk carton upside down.

For hanging or holding various small things.