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*Rug Fukin is a cloth which you can use in two ways as a place mat and wiping cloth. The tastefully designed print will be an accent piecw of your table coordination.
The reverse side is made of microfiber which is perfect for wiping water drops and removing dust etc.

Product specification

Body size: Approx. W17XD17XH0.2cm

Body weight: Approx. 17g


Surface: polyester Back: polyester, nylon, Heatproof temperature : 80 degrees

Package size: Approx. W25.5XD23XH0.4cm
Weight: (Including package)Approx. 27g

\600(tax excluding) Quantity per carton: 20pieces

RugFukin crystal blue

crystal blue
Product code: CL-666-720-3
JAN code: 4904771 108490

RugFukin crystal red

crystal red
Product code: CL-666-720-2
JAN code: 4904771 108483

RugFukin stone blue

stone blue
Product code: CL-666-720-4
JAN code: 4904771 108506

RugFukin stone yellow

stone yellow
Product code: CL-666-720-6
JAN code: 4904771 108520

RugFukin wave yellow

wave yellow
Product code: CL-666-720-5
JAN code: 4904771 108513

RugFukin wave green

wave green
Product code: CL-666-720-1
JAN code: 4904771 108476

Use image

It will add a decolative touch to your table.

You can use it as a wiping cloth.

You can use it as a cup mat.

The reverse side is made of microfiber.