TETTO mini

Designed by H.Miura with h concept

TETTO mini is a small and convenient umbrella stand. Its compact size won't clutter the entrance of your house!

Product specification

Body size: Approx. W17.1XD12.1XH38.5cm

Body weight Approx. 2.1kg


Body: powder coating to bondelized steel.

Water collecting tray: polypropylene(25% of the all resin used in this product is recycled resin.)

Package size: Approx. W19XD14XH40cm

Weight: (Including package)Approx. 2.5kg

\12,000(Tax excluded) Quantity per carton: 4pieces

TETTO mini gray

Product code: UB-275-001-5
JANcode: 4904771 770253

TETTO mini white

Product code: UB-275-001-7
JANcode:4904771 770178

Use image
  • The inside is divided into 4 sections, allowing you to store your umbrellas without having to pile them on top of one another. Up to 8 umbrella can be stored at once.
  • Excess water will be collected on the product. Remove the tray to dispose of the collected water.
  • The product will fit snugly in corners.