Designed by A.Sunaguchi with h concept

WashCloth is a cleaning cloth for the bathroom and the sink in your home.
The special woven cloth and fibers remove water deposits and scum forom there throughly.
It easily fits well to narrow spaces like drains. The shape is like a pouch so that air can pass well and you can dry it quickly.

Product specification

Body size: Approx. W13XD2XH15cm

Body weight: Approx. 24g


polyester nylon

Product code: UB-666-800-0

JANcode: 4904771 111483

Package size Approx. W16XD2XH20cm

Weight:(Including package)Approx. 26g

\800(Tax excluded) Quantity per carton: 40 pieces

Use images

It can stand it by itself and you can dry it quickly.

For cleaning bath products such as bath chairs.

The mesh netting removes dirt thoroughly.

You can clean bathroom floor and narrow space like a drain efficiently.